Friday, February 08, 2008

Christopher's on the mend!

And thanks to all for your prayers, and your homemade remedy advice!

Unfortunately, he was too far gone to go that route (although we did give it the old "college try"!) Christopher is not a complainer... which is good... but that also means that he usually doesn't tell us something is wrong until it's REALLY wrong, and that's bad.

He had a high fever for several days, and when I took him in (yesterday), the doctor said it was a pretty bad infection and was starting to drain. Yuck.

I'm not sure if it would have cleared up without antibiotics (taking a more natural approach), but I just couldn't see him writhe in pain like that another minute.

THANK GOD that my friend Therese was able to drop everything and spend the morning looking after my other children (my dh was in an all-day seminar that *he* had set up, so he couldn't really come home... even though he is the kind of dad that will come home if I need him to). She had the house humming, and even managed to (a) get them all outside while (b) holding Grace and (c) getting that little girl to TAKE A NAP (something I am incapable of getting her to do on a regular basis!) and (d) ordering pizza for the troops.

Oh yeah, the kids thought she rocked.

So again, thank you for your prayers, and THANK YOU THERESE!


Matilda said...

Oh, so glad he is on the mend! Sometimes they can fight it off themselves and sometimes they can't. Each child is different and each illness is different. My oldest has had ear infections that made him scream with pain all night long (you bet your sweet bippy he got antibiotics that time!) and has also gone in for a well child check up only to be told "Did you know he has an ear infection?"! That one we just let run it's course since it wasn't bothering him.

You did a great job Mom and what a blessing God gave you in the form of a very generous friend! Take care and recuperate with your little on.

Beth said...

So glad he's feeling better! It's so sad when kids are sick.

Lisa said...

Glad he's better! The prudent road is the best one.