Sunday, January 20, 2008

This is what passes for cool at OUR house

This is his "dragon face" (his wings, which you can't see, are on the back)

The outfit Marie chose for herself (my husband said she was "wearing the catalog")

Reading the latest Bionicle comic book.

Christopher's version of "the helpful hat" (from the movie Meet the Robinsons) I *do* think this is really cool, and if you know Christopher, you know this is just the sort of thing he does on a regular basis!


Toe rings.

Playing the 20-yr old nintendo that a neighbor down the street gave us.


Beth said...

Ooh, a 20 year old nintendo?! Now we HAVE to visit :) I was a pro at Mario back in the day!

Ouiz said...

No way! That's the game that they love to play! They would be so thrilled to see an adult play it too!

Beth said...

oh my goodness. Mario is my favorite :) I could teach them all kinds of tricks and secrets!

Ken wants to come down to SC, but he wants to go to Charleston again. You guys will just have to bring the nintendo up here when you come this summer :)

Ouiz said...

You know, you do have to pass through the northern part of SC to get to Charleston! [hint hint]

Beth said...

Oh that is true. If we end up going I will tell Ken we HAVE to stop :) (Of course, since he works at the airline and we get free tickets, he thinks we have to fly everywhere!)

Ouiz said...

Tell him we've got airports up here too!! *grin*