Thursday, November 15, 2007

Ah, the sweet taste of victory...

...or is that the sweet smell of victory?

I'm not sure.

Either way, it's mine, I tell you... all mine!


Remember when you first became mobile again after the birth of your first, or second, or whatever child? Remember the thrill you felt when you realized you could, in fact, rejoin the land of the living?

That's how I felt today.

Oh, we've been mobile for several weeks now but today, for the first time, I manoevered our huge 15-passenger "Kahuna bus" into the the McDonald's drive-through line.

I realize that may not seem like much to you, but I have been so anxious about taking the kids to various places, knowing that I would have to get this behemoth in and out of some rather tight parking lots.

This was our first attempt to try one of those places, and we made it through without damaging our van, or anyone else's!

TRUE victory will be the day I make it through the Jittery Joe's drive-through... or park in the library parking lot... but for now, this victory feels mighty good!


Muddy Mama said...

Hurray for you!! That is huge!(And I don't just mean your van.) Our van is not a 15 passenger, but it feels so big to me. I can understand what a victory this is.

Beth said...

Great job Ouiz!

Ouiz said...

It's just so wonderful to be truly mobile again!