Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Thank you

...for all the comments (both here and in "real life"), prayers, and helpful suggestions. It truly means the world to me to know that y'all are PRAYING for me... that in the middle of all of this, the Holy Spirit is prompting someone to pray -- "Pray for Ouiz right now. She really needs it."

Thank you, one and all.

On the good side, perhaps this will establish a daily Rosary routine for me once and for all! I found that during the early morning hours, as that panic feeling rose once again, that the repetitive prayers of the Rosary were incredibly helpful... to remember that I was asking a mighty powerful prayer warrior (and fellow Mom) to pray for me... to say the name of Jesus over and over again... and to force my mind to quit wandering and FOCUS on what I was saying... all of that helped squelch this morning's attack, and enabled me to go to sleep.

I will still state for the record that she is WORTH EVERY BIT of this. I look into her little face, and see this beautiful child that the Lord has given to us, and I'm just blown away by it all. I am awed and humbled by this blessing, and by her presence here.

Thank You, Jesus, for the gift of Grace.


Matilda said...

I have used a sung Divine Mercy Chaplet CD as a relaxation CD. I'll bet a Rosary CD would do a great job! As someone who suffers from an anxiety disorder regularly (instead of just post-partum) I am offering up my frustrations for you and hoping that you get to FULLY enjoy that delightful little blessing in your arms soon!

Spinneretta said...

The rosary is great for those times when you just need to calm your mind.

And yes, I agree, your precious little one is definitely worth it... she is beautiful. CONGRATULATIONS!