Monday, October 01, 2007

Our weekend in pictures

Feast of the Archangels.
We made a devil's food cake, and then we stabbed it with little plastic swords! (goofy, for sure, but my kids love doing this, and what better way to talk about St. Michael battling Satan?)

My girls decided to rake the front yard... for fun!
(God bless them!!!)

High fashion for the 23-month old in your family -- the chicken hat!

Brave, braver, bravest.
(My husband was under the house spreading lime to speed up the "drying up process" of the big puddle we had under the house -- courtesy of last week's plumbing mishap. For some reason, a dark, enclosed space that smells like mildew and is filled with crickets and spiders actually DRAWS little boys in!)

The girls have been working very hard on finishing their very first handmade rosaries! Ta-da! They were both so very proud of the work they did!

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