Monday, October 01, 2007

Fall Crafts

Well, I had high hopes of getting an early start on the more difficult subjects this morning, and then concentrating on crafts later on this afternoon, when Marie was sound asleep.

No dice.

As soon as the kids saw the acorn person I made last night, they were "all over it like white on rice," as they say here.

Several bloggers have already done this project, so I can't credit everyone I've seen, because I honestly don't remember! However, I believe I first saw these from Katherine over at Life in the Onion Dome and Alice Cantrell over at A Number of Things.

Here's the prototype I made last night. I used white stitches so the kids could see how to sew the clothes, should they decide to go that route (they didn't... they all opted for the hot glue approach).

Here are the basic supplies I used -- felt, pipe cleaners, wooden beads, and various "found" objects from outside (acorns, moss, leaves, etc)

I showed the kids how to get the basic body shape and slip the beads on the top for the head.

And then off we went! We spent the next hour designing, cutting, gluing, and having a lot of fun. (Since we used hot glue, I was in charge of that.) After that they were in charge of hair selection and "embellishments." And here are the results!

They have spent the rest of the morning building houses for the town of "Woodland" out of blocks and Lincoln logs. While we haven't gotten much "serious" schooling done today, I still feel like we've already accomplished quite a bit!


Katherine said...

They look great and, most importantly, it looks like the kids had a lot of fun. :)
In Christ,
Katherine in TX

Beth said...

This post almost makes me want to homeschool :)

Terri said...

My girls would love this craft. Thanks for the cute idea.