Wednesday, August 22, 2007

I think I'm in trouble

My two oldest daughters, Reilly (8) and Kathryn (6 1/2), are very easy-going when it comes to clothing. They will wear whatever I pick out for them (for Sunday mornings, for example) without any fuss. They enjoy being "girly," but aren't all that particular about what outfit they wear. I have been spoiled in that regard, and listened with (slight) amusement as I heard some of my other friends talk about how picky their girls are in regard to clothing.

Let me reintroduce you to Marie (it's been a long time since I've posted a picture of her).

I dressed her in a blue outfit this morning (you can sort of see the pants in this picture) before I went to my OB appointment. When I got back an hour later, I saw her in this outfit.

Me: "Oh, what happened? Did she spill something on her shirt?"
dh: "No, she just came in with this dress, and told me she wanted to wear it instead."

21 months old, and she insists on wearing the PINK dress... or the PURPLE pajamas at bedtime.

I'm not sure I'm going to know how to handle this when she gets older.

Feel free to start chuckling now...


Beth said...

She is so adorable. My niece is like that. She is 6 and they just now got her to wear pants every once in a while. For 6 years she would wear nothing but dresses or skirts, mostly pink!

Scott Lyons said...

I have one like Marie. My youngest daughter went through a rather extended stage of only wearing one or two outfits. If it couldn't be her favorite(s), she wasn't interested. And how!

It's only been the last 6 months or so that she's become somewhat more versatile. And she's 4 1/2. But she's still all sass and bling.

Amy said...

LOL - she is so cute! My four year old has always been like this (unlike her older two sisters) but for her it is more an independence thing than any sort of "clothes sense". She just wants to "do it herself!" :)

Ouiz said...

It's one of those "I didn't know how good I had it" sort of deals. Marie is rather independent, and very particular about how she likes things done, so I can see that we will have "clothing issues" as the years go by! *grin*

Here's praying that her next sister, due in just a few short weeks, will follow in the footsteps of her two OLDEST sisters!

lynn said...

At the mature age of 4, my beloved little girl Sam told me that she wouldn't wear the dress I'd picked out for her one particular morning because "it makes me look like a baby!"
Good luck sweetie you've got it all in front of you!