Monday, June 04, 2007

How do school moms do it?

We are attending Vacation Bible school this week at our parish... which means that we have to be out the door at 8:20 am. Now, I know that all those moms out there who get their kids on a bus every morning are probably laughing their heads off, but for this Mommy, that is one tall order. I have to make sure that I have 6 little ones fed, dressed appropriately -- hair done and teeth brushed too -- and in the car before 8:30 am.

We *do* manage to get in the car every Sunday by 7:45 am, but that's because Daddy is so good at keeping us all going (God bless him!!!)

I am just amazed at the moms who do this faithfully every single day. Our neighbor across the street is usually coming back home from driving her kids to school as I'm just getting Marie out of bed.

So, for all of you out there who do this, you are amazing...

Another thing that shocked me about this whole experience is that, if we were a public or parochial school family, Christopher would be attending kindergarten this year.

Bless his heart, he just isn't ready to be away from me that long.

He did his best, and tried so hard to be brave, but it just broke his heart that I would be away from him for three hours.

My mom told me that she cried her eyes out when I started school, and I can see why. It is devastating to leave your child when he or she is like that!

This isn't some sort of "self-righteous" rant on the superiority of homeschooling -- this is just one Mommy's gratefulness at the privilege and opportunity to keep my children home... to maintain that little boy innocence just a bit longer... and to not have to see my child miss me.

As frustrating as it may be at times, I saw today how deeply privileged I am to have them at home. May I always remember that!


Beth said...

My kids will be going to school (I really can't turn down a chance to send them to a great school run by Nashville Dominicans!) But it already makes me sad when I think of sending Madeleine to kindergarten - and I still have 5 years!! :)

SuzanneG said...

I know it! I think of this too when I see everyone scurrying out the door, and I AM a morning person. I am a morning person and I just think the morning would be so rushed and crazy and I would be so awful if we did this.