Thursday, March 01, 2007

Comfort food

I love just the sound of that phrase: comfort food. It brings to mind warmth, coziness, the feeling of being secure, and fond memories of childhood.

I started thinking about comfort food around lunchtime as I was trying to figure out what to serve the kids. It's been cold and rainy all day here (the kind of cold that seems to grab hold of you no matter what temperature the thermostat SAYS your house is), and I, being one of the "every meal needs to be hot" variety, decided that macaroni soup would be the perfect choice.

Macaroni soup. The ultimate comfort food when I was growing up.

It's quite simple actually, and one of the first meals that each of us learned how to make: macaroni, water, tomato soup, lots of salt, and a big glass of milk to go with it.

It was what my siblings and I made EVERY SINGLE DAY without fail for lunch when we were home during the summer... It was what greeted us after a cold morning of playing outside in the snow... and somehow, we never got tired of it.

It was only natural for me to pass this on to my kids, and as I was watching them devour the entire pot-full (with Marie lunging forward, mouth wide open, because I wasn't feeding her fast enough), I started thinking about what an amazing gift we Moms have.

Seriously, don't we?

The food that we prepare for them will be what they consider to be "normal." All others will be judged with ours as a reference point. The memories we create with them during these meal times will sink deep within them so that, when they are older, they will associate something as simple as a box of macaroni and a can of tomato soup with happy memories of childhood and a Mom that loved them "with all her Mommy heart and soul" (as I tell my kids).

So thank you, Mom, for my wonderful childhood... and thanks for the soup!

And here are the people responsible for my happy childhood. I'm very proud to be their daughter.

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