Tuesday, February 27, 2007

What Am I Reading This Evening?

"Offering it up" -- if you were raised Catholic, chances are you were told this more times than you can count. But what does it all mean? Danielle Bean has a great posting on how we can really apply that to our lives, and what it really means.

Dissatisfied with certain aspects of your parish? From the blog Standing on My Head, Fr. Dwight Longenecker once again summarizes things so much more eloquently than I could with his posting on "Learning from the Liturgy."

From Christianity Today comes the article written by Nathan Bierma entitled The Shape of Faith: The Sign of the Cross is a reminder of Whose we are. It's a long article, but worth it:

After reading these two books, this previously ignorant Protestant, for one, has decided to introduce the sign of the cross into his daily prayer, as a link with the early church, a sign of God's claim on me, and a reminder of the mystery of the Trinity.

(h/t for the Christianity Today article from Ignatius Insight Scoop)

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