Thursday, February 01, 2007

The Wicked Witch of the West

Just a quick post to talk about the insight the Lord gave me today.

As you can see from the post below, we had snow. As all of you who live with snow on a regular basis know, that means that I spent the day getting kids dressed, undressed, cleaning the floor, drying wet coats/mittens/hats/etc.

It was a demanding day, and I just wasn't in the mood for it.

After snapping at the kids all (early!) morning long, I turned to the Lord in tears over my kitchen sink and said, "You have GOT to shower me with Your grace today, or I am just going to tear them up with my words and my attitudes."

Please tell me I'm not the only mom who feels this way!

So, after shuttling them outside for yet another winter wonderland go-round, I picked up THE WORD AMONG US from my kitchen counter and started reading the articles (since, of course, we're in a new book now. Happy February, everyone!)

As I was reading this article, I was struck by the whole idea of "presenting our bodies as living sacrifices." Of course, a sacrifice by its very definition is something that is worth much and, basically, not easy for one to offer up.

I know it's not a "new thought" by any stretch of the imagination, since we daily are to offer to the Lord our "works, joys, and sufferings of this day," but it just hit me so profoundly that THIS is how I could worship Him today. Smiling at my children when I really felt like screaming... taking that moment to pause and answer my children graciously, when a snappy answer was waiting on my tongue... taking in the myriad of requests without freaking out and sighing, "I'm just one person here, people!"... and going the extra mile to serve them cheerfully.

With every step, by His grace, I was able to say, "all for You, Lord... this is for You, Lord... Lord Jesus, I am serving You by taking off Kathryn's muddy boots... I offer You this book that Marie is asking me to read, when I've got a mountain of laundry that really needs my attention..."

My day was not easy... not by a long shot... but it brought tears to my eyes to know that, with every step, He was there with me, and the choices that His grace enabled me to make were pleasing to Him, and that I was truly able to worship Him here in my kitchen, amidst the mud, slush, and noise.


aka_Meritt said...

Oh yes... of course we all have those days!

Ouiz said...

I think that's why I blog... to know that I'm not alone out here...

Lynn said...

The Holy Spirit comforts us in amazing ways. blessings,

Kristen Laurence said...

This is a lovely post, and yes, I can completely relate! How wonderful that you were able to sanctify your work this day.