Wednesday, February 14, 2007

More book reviews!

I told you I was behind on my reviews!

The Thrill of the Chaste (Dawn Eden)
This is a good book for those single women who have bought into the sexually permissive lifestyle of our culture with all its promises of excitement and fulfillment, and found it sadly wanting. Dawn Eden shares both in this book, and on her blog The Dawn Patrol, how that lifestyle never brought her the happiness, intimacy, and commitment that she was so desperately searching for. It is only as she has sought to follow the Lord and to live life His way that she has found a peace and contentment in being single... in being who she is right now... which will make her ready for her future spouse, should the Lord have that in mind for her. She does not downplay the temptations that arise, or the loneliness that sometimes besets her, but shows how, even in these situations, her "old way" of doing things was far more detrimental to her than any "hardships" she may be experiencing now.

In light of this review, I have GOT to mention a book that I have read many, many times over (just not this year...)

A Return to Modesty (by Wendy Shalit)
I cannot recommend this book enough (and judging from the 167 reviews it got on Amazon, I see I am not alone in my judgment!). I was blown away by it the first time I read it, and have been impressed with it every time I have come back to read it again. Far from being a typical "God wants women to dress modestly and here's why" sort of book, the author presents a secular, thought-provoking, almost shocking look at modesty and how it can be far more liberating, mysterious, and (for singles) captivating than dressing in a sloppy or revealing manner. For me to try to do this book justice in just a paragraph or two would be rather difficult... so check out the reviews, read her blogsite (and this one), and buy the book!

On we go!

A Catholic Mystique (Jennifer Ferrara)
What can I say? I LOVE to read conversion stories, and these are wonderful! Fourteen stories of faithful, devout Christian women who were serving the Lord in other denominations (many as pastors) who found themselves being called by Him to follow Him into the Catholic Church. Of particular interest to me (being a homeschooler, of course) is the conversion story of Cathy Duffy, who is well-known in homeschooling circles for her curriculum reviews.

A great read, and one that I will pick up and read again!

Padre Pio: A Man of Hope (Renzo Allegri)
I did not know much of St. Pio, until a dear friend of mine, who has a particular devotion to him, mentioned him to me. After reading about him on-line, I was eager to learn more about him.

Wow... Can I say that again?... Wow. He is truly a great saint.

The author attempts to cover his entire life, so there is a lot of focus on the particular persecutions he experienced, and the work done against him, as well as on his behalf, by those around him. What truly interested me, however, was his amazing sanctity, his faithfulness, and the amazing miracles that the Lord worked through him.

My pastor once encouraged the RCIA class to "get to know the saints... get to know the company that you keep." I am so thankful to have been introduced to such a wonderful man as St. Pio.


Suzanne said...

I LOVE A Return to Modesty. I read it about 8 years ago and refer to it often. Great, Great Book! Love your book reviews.....keep 'em coming!

Beth Pack said...

Hello! I have read the Padre Pio book, and he is amazing! I went on a mission trip to Mexico last summer (well 2 summers ago now), and met a very special priest at a convent that we visited. The sisters said that he had a "Padre Pio-like spirituality." My friend went to confession to him and he "read" her soul. She said it was the most amazing confession.

Hm... are you sure you don't miss these blizzard conditions?! It took us 2 days to dig out of our driveway, and 3 days for the city to plow our street. Not to mention it was -5 degrees this morning, with a -21 degree wind chill!

Ouiz said...

Suzanne--thank you, and I'm STILL trying to catch up on the reviews, so more will be coming soon!

Beth--I'm cold just THINKING about weather like that! ugh!

Cool story. Wow... Did you get a chance to go to confession with that priest as well? I hate to admit it, but I'd almost be afraid to go to someone like that. I know that the whole point of confession is to bare your soul openly and confess all the dark places that still lurk inside so that the Lord can "clean it all out," but I'd be afraid that he would reveal so much that I had never even thought of before -- and that would be more than a bit overwhelming.

Beth Pack said...

No I didn't get to go - because my friend's confession took about an hour! Yeah I was sort of glad I didn't get the chance too.
My friend did say that - he mentioned things that had happened in high school and college that she never confessed, and hadn't really even thought about since then. She said it was hard but she's glad she went.

This weather is no fun! I can't wait for spring.

Beth Pack said...

I forgot to comment about Destination Jesus - it's really amazing. The whole weekend is centered around Jesus in the Eucharist - in the monstrance in the center of the gym the whole time! On Saturday night all the kids get in big circles (about 850 kids!) and Father reads the story of the woman who touched Jesus' robes and was healed. Then he brings the monstrance around to every kid so they can touch his robes. This is the 12th year and there have been LOTS of miracles. I'll post about it after the weekend is over ;-)

Ouiz said...

If you don't go into labor, that is! ;-)

I can't wait to hear about Destination Jesus on your blog!

And see... confessing to someone like that would be so scary. I would be literally shaking in my boots!