Monday, February 19, 2007

Lenten resources

I wanted to make sure I wrote these down (before I forgot!)

Julie over at Trinity Acres has a posting up for the Loveliness of Lent. She has created some great Lenten calendars which would be a great resource for anyone with children!

Illuminated Ink has a Lenten coloring contest and some great resources, including a Stations of the Cross kit and this 3-D Passion Play kit that my kids would loooooove (as you may recall, we color and draw for HOURS over here!)

The Lenten blogsite, These 40 Days, is a great place to check out what other families are doing to live out this season.

Just some more options to throw your way!


suburbancowgirl said...

Thanks for the Illuminated Ink contest reminder! I know what the Ranch kids will be doing Wednesday afternoon!

Ouiz said...

My kids are going to have a great time coloring it too!

(I wish I could have a cool name for my kids... but what would I call them? Chez Ouiz-lets?)