Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Look, everyone!!!

After over 3 years of waiting.....

[drumroll, please]

My beloved has finished making drawers for the island in the kitchen! Hooray! No more ugly holes to look at!!

Not only that, but he did it on a cold (cold, cold, cold) day (remember, he does all of his work in the carport, so there's some sacrificial love right there!) surrounded by (as always) excited kids who just can't get enough of watching Daddy perform his carpentry magic around the house.

Just how crazy was it? Well, here are some photos taken while my husband was working. There were soldiers running around,

dangerous forms of transportation riding through,

and dinner being made.

I think I made it up to him, though. In honor of SuperBowl Sunday (which my husband has absolutely no interest in... ) I made sloppy joes, onion rings, and jalapeno hush puppies for dinner.

My family was pushing for my canonization after this meal.

Why do I never get this sort of enthusiastic response when I make food that is actually, oh, HEALTHY to eat?

As a side note, did everyone see my flowers next to the clock?

After a VERY rough Friday (we're talking curling up in the fetal position on the couch and sobbing over the continual clutter that naturally comes... despite all my work to clean it up... from having 6 little urchins running around all day) I went to the craft store to look for decorative containers, baskets, etc to put stuff in and stop the visual assault. I found this metal wall planter, and I filled it with dried lavender, basil, baby's breath, and a few of the roses that my husband has given me over the years.

It makes the kitchen smell wonderful, and it is my small focal point when the rest of the kitchen is chaos.

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