Tuesday, February 20, 2007

I guess the folks at my Bible study will keep me...

...at least for a little while.

You are 98% Scripture literate!

You are Bible scholar! If you're not teaching the bible somewhere, you probably should be. You have passed the adult bible quiz.

The Adult Bible Quiz
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h/t Julie D. from The Happy Catholic (and if you aren't visiting her site on a daily basis, you should be!)


Julie D. said...

You are too kind ... and also way smart! Wow!

Ouiz said...

Your blog is a definite "daily requirement" for me... so thank you!

TheGodFearinFiddler said...

Holy cow! Good job. I think thats the highest score anyone got. I wrote the quiz so I'm kinda vainly browsing around to see what people scored on it.

(Well I scored 100%) ;)

Hope you liked my silly little quiz. I just got kind of annoyed at that other one being circulated around.

Ouiz said...

Hey! Thanks for writing the quiz! It was fun to do! (I'm just wondering which one I got wrong!)

It's nice to know my Bible study will want me to teach... at least a little while longer...

God bless!