Monday, February 19, 2007

Hey Mom and Dad!

Last week or so, I posted pictures of our "big snow" here in South Carolina -- all 2.5 inches of it.

Not to be outdone, my parents sent pictures of THEIR big snow, which... well, blew ours right out of the water.

Seriously, how on earth can I compete with waist-deep snow drifts? (and is she not the cutest little thing with that hat on?)

So, what do you do when you get that much snow?

For my Dad, the answer was simple. You build an igloo.

Why? Because the challenge was there.
Because he could.
And because, darn it, it was fun!

He has always been a "take the kids out in the snow and play" kind of Dad. If there was sledding to be done, he was there.

Snowball fights? You betcha.
Igloos? Yep. That too.

So way to go, Dad! I love the igloo, and I'm just sorry your grandkids never got to play in it! (they would have been in it ALL DAY LONG)

[and let's not downplay Mom's role in all of this! After my brief foray into the world of snow and slush as a Mommy, I can say that it's not that much fun being the person left behind... the one in charge of hot chocolate, warm food, and cleaning up all the slush and wet clothes left behind. Here's to you, Mom! Thanks for your invaluable contributions to the winter fun of childhood!]

She is just so cute! Way to work that hat, Mom! I love it!!!


Beth Pack said...

Hm, this looks very familiar!
Do your parents still go to OLMC?

Nope, no baby yet... hopefully soon! I think I'm getting a little cranky - just ask my poor husband ;-)

Ouiz said...

Bless your heart! It will be soon! (the waiting is so hard, isn't it?)

No, my parents are no longer in the Carmel area... but, from all that you and my friend have told me about OLMC, they would absolutely love it!

Beth Pack said...

Yeah, emotional too - I'm not a crier but for some reason I've been crying at everything the last few days! Good LORD - we were just talking about her baptism and I started crying! A little embarassing ;-) I think I'm going to be a mess that day. One of my best friends since elementary school is going to baptize her - he's going to be a priest in June!

Yeah, OLMC is awesome. We are headed to the pancake dinner!