Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Little bit O' housekeeping

I need to get my sidebar cleared off, so I thought I'd list my final summary of books read in 2006 so I can start my 2007 list. I know I missed a couple in there, but that's what I get for not writing them down RIGHT AWAY.

  • The Super-Absorbent, Biodegradable, Family Size Baby Blues (Rick Kirkman and Jerry Scott)

  • Driving Under the Influence of Children (Rick Kirkman and Jerry Scott)

  • Prayer for Beginners (Peter Kreeft)

  • The Seven-Storey Mountain (Thomas Merton)

  • Swimming with Scapulars (Matthew Lickona)

  • New Seeds of Contemplation (Thomas Merton)

  • The New Faithful (Colleen Carroll)

  • The View from a Monastery (Brother Benet Tvedten)

  • The Catholic Homeschool Companion (Maureen Wittman and Rachel Mackson)

  • Dumbing Us Down (John Taylor Gotto)

  • girl meets GOD (Lauren F. Winner)

  • Ten Dates Every Catholic Should Know (Diane Moscar)

  • The Catholic Mystique (Jennifer Ferrara)

  • To Know Christ Jesus (Frank Sheed)

  • Father Elijah (Michael D. O'Brien)

  • Stalking the Divine (Kristin Ohlson)

  • My Life with the Saints (James Martin, SJ)

  • Apparitions of Modern Saints (Patricia Treece)

  • Women of Grace (Michaelann Martin)

  • Awake My Soul (James Martin, SJ)

  • Catholicism for Dummies (Fr. John Trigilio)

  • The Lure of the Saints (Jon Sweeney)

  • The Guardian (Jane Hamilton)

  • Christ the Lord (Anne Rice)

  • Where Angels Walk (Joan Wester Anderson)

  • Angel Letters (Sophie Burnham)

  • His Mysterious Ways (Guideposts)

  • Voices Behind the Veil (Ermet Caner)

  • Saints Behaving Badly (Thomas Craughwell)

  • The Catholic Home (Meredith Gould)

  • Our Lady of Fatima (William Thomas Walsh)

  • 101 Inspirational Stories of the Sacrament of Reconciliation (Sr. Patricial Proctor)

  • 201 Inspirational Stories of the Eucharist (Sr. Patricial Proctor)

  • A Miracle for St. Cecilia's (Katherine Valentine)

  • Inside The Passion (John Bartunek, L.C.)

  • "I'm Not Being Fed!" (Jeff Cavins)
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    Jonathan said...

    Great list. I've read Seven Storey and Catholicism for Dummies. Looking forward to Kreeft's Prayer for Beginners.