Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Another classic quote from Christopher

Wow. How do I even begin to set this one up?

Please bear with me, because you really *do* need the mental image to fully appreciate this one.

The kids got foam airplanes today -- you know, the small ones with little propellers on the front. I told the kids that if they chose to open them in the car, they might lose some of the pieces...

...well, of course, they opened them. And (surprise, surprise) Christopher lost his propeller. After looking in the house for it, he asked me to come out to the car with him to see if it ws there. Since he had been sitting in the back seat, I asked him to look under the seats and see if he could find it.

Picture me outside the van, and Christopher almost completely underneath the back seat, so his voice is rather muffled.

[final note: I have *no idea* why he thought this was a direct quote from Jesus...]

Christopher [sighing mightily]: "Mom, I know that Jesus said 'all is not lost,' but I really think my propeller is..."

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