Thursday, September 07, 2006

New discoveries

Part of the joy of homeschooling for me is the fact that I get to learn so many new things... new facts about history, grammar rules, composers, artists, etc. We have a lifetime to learn, and it is so much fun to discover something new!

Take, for example, mushrooms. Until my kids became interested in mushrooms (or toadstools), I took little notice of them. They were either white or brown, umbrella-shaped, and popped up after a good rain. That was the extent of my mushroom knowledge (well, I exaggerate a bit, but you get the point).

As we looked through our Audobon guide, I found there was a whole array of mushrooms that I had never seen, or noticed before. They looked so exotic! Still, my backyard/frontyard variety, in my mind, remained the "white umbrella type."

Look what we have in our very own frontyard! A bird's nest mushroom! Now, these may be the most common mushrooms in America -- I don't know -- but I can tell you that THIS 39-yr old has never seen one before.

Aren't they amazing? Tiny little mushrooms -- less than 1/4 inch across -- that look like a bird's nest! (sorry for the poor picture quality... they are so small I couldn't get my digital camera to focus on them well)

The wonders we find when we take just a minute to look....

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Marjorie said...

It must be fungi season in the south. We have been going mushroom crazy at our house too! Last week we foundsome of the same birds nest fungi. Aren't they amazing! If you are still enamoured with mushrooms check out the mushroom posts chez nous at aka Lettres de mon Moulin.

Yours in Christ,