Friday, September 08, 2006

Mary's Birthday, part 2

Seeing the wonderful opportunity to spend some time with Thomas (who often gets shortchanged because of homeschooling), I asked him to be my helper as we made the blueberry gingerbread cake.

Heck, he was just excited to get to play with our new kitchen tool -- the hand mixer.

My mom never had one of these, so it never occurred to me (until last week) to get one. This has to be one of the most fun tools for kids! They get to mix stuff fast and it doesn't make noise. (we're noise wimps around here, so this is a big plus).

Thomas and I had a great time making the cake without interruption. He told me stories, cracked the eggs, added all the ingredients, and mixed like a pro. Look at that mixing action!

Later on, I set the table with our wonderful statue of the Blessed Virgin Mary

and, after a great dinner and a rousing rendition of "Happy Birthday To You," we dug into our dessert. I opted not to take any "after" pictures because, well, dinnertime can be pretty gruesome at times here at Chez Ouiz. That's what the fuzzy roomba is for.

Next feast day is tomorrow: St. Peter Claver!


JennGM said...

A non-electric handheld mixer! Brilliant! My son would love this. Thanks for the inspiration. And I love what you've done for Mary's birthday. We didn't have the blueberries, but had a birhday cake with candles.

Ouiz said...

The hand mixer is so much fun! The kids have all begged me to make scrambled eggs... or cake... or SOMETHING... just so they can have a turn using it.

How did I go 39 years without one? [grin]

C.C. said...

What a beautiful statue!

If you are noise averse, I just found at K-mart the other day a non-electric food chopper by Martha Stewart. I haven't had a chance to use it yet, but I figured for $4 I couldn't go wrong. It's tiny, though, so be warned.

Ouiz said...

Thank you! We got the statue for HALF PRICE at the bookstore. Praise God!

I should have said that the kids are noise wimps... they insist on wearing ear protectors when vacuuming, for example!

My mom had a food chopper when I was younger, and I LOVED using it!