Thursday, July 27, 2006

What entertains us

Isn't it amazing how entertaining little things can be? Take oatmeal, for example. [not cooked... that would be gross... eeewww]. As I was watching my two littlest ones play with dry oatmeal at the kitchen table, I thought to myself, you know, there really isn't a better toy for little kids.

It's like a sandbox that you can have in your kitchen.
It doesn't make noise.
You can designate a certain area for it, to keep the mess contained.
It can serve as dump truck material, "snow," mountains, meteors, desert sand, etc.
It is edible.
If kids do eat it, extra bonus -- it's good for them.
The dog (AKA "our fuzzy roomba") is more than happy to clean up what spills on the floor.
When they are done, you sweep it up and throw it away... the ultimate disposable toy.

And what did it cost me? Less than $1 for that much entertainment.

Totally worth it.

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suburbancowgirl said...

you are a wise woman!