Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Interesting article

My mother-in-law collects magazines for me... you know, all those home-improvement, living simply, beautifying your home types... and yes, women's magazines. Last night I was reading an article in a woman's magazine (written by a man) about skirts.

Now, there isn't much that I'd like to quote here, because his view of life is, hmmm, shall we say MUCH different than mine.


the reason I even brought this up is because he claims that no other article of clothing is more intrinsically feminine than a skirt. It can attract a man's attention and be beautiful without "disclosing the precise shape or dimensions" of what is underneath.

I found it fascinating that even someone like the author of this article praises skirts and dresses on women.

My reason for wearing mostly dresses and skirts is not to attract (other) men's attention, but to make a statement to this culture that I recognize the differences between men and women, and I rejoice in the fact that my Lord created me to be a woman.

I also want to show my children -- both the girls and the boys -- what a lady looks like and how a lady acts. It is through my actions and attitudes that the girls will (prayerfully) learn how to act, and the boys will learn what kind of woman to look for in a wife, if that is the vocation the Lord has chosen for them.

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