Thursday, July 13, 2006

First week homeschool recap...

First off, I forgot to mention that we are now the "Sacred Heart Homeschool Academy." The kids approved of the name, so we're running with it!

I knew this week would be difficult, seeing as I'm trying to figure out how to teach 3 kids this year. My oldest two basically do everything together, but my third has to have her own course work. It's been... not "stressful," but awkward (I suppose that's the best term I can use) as I try to find that "flow" for our days. It seems to work better when I teach Kathryn first (while the others watch Marie) and then switch off.

As far as the actual materials I'm using, I will have to see if I've made the right choices as the weeks go by. So far, so good -- no complaints, and several subjects have been greeted with "oh boy!" and "that's my favorite, Mommy!"

And seriously, can I ask for more than that? I think not...

I'm looking forward to attending the Catholic HS conference in Atlanta next weekend. My husband (God bless him! I love that man!!!) is actually "kicking me out of the house" -- sans baby, mind you -- for the two day conference. Two days! I'll actually get to see the vendors and LOOK AT THE BOOKS, get a chance to listen to some great speakers (there will be a session on Catholic Mosaic, so I'm really excited!), have a FULL night's sleep AND have the chance to watch (gasp! dare I say it?) CABLE! Home decorating channels, here I come!


meredith said...

That sounds heavenly!! Enjoy yourself, and I'd love to hear what you've chosen for your learning time with your dc, I'd love an email!! We just started with our 1st mosaic book, my dc loved it!

Ouiz said...

I saw that you were reading A PEEK INTO MY CHURCH. We have that book and the kids have enjoyed it!

My only concern with CATHOLIC MOSAIC is that, down here, Catholic picture books are few and far between at the library (ok, almost non-existent!), so I would probably have to buy a TON of books to make it worthwhile!

Still, I can't wait to see it for myself... and listen to a presentation on it!!!

suburbancowgirl said...

Congrats to you on completing your first week!

Also, kudos to your DH for taking over as 'house husband' for a few days so you can go Conferencing! (I'm jealous, because I missed my Conference opportunity this year) I know that you will glean tons of information, both at the Conference (touch those books!) and from, dare I say it, HGTV? :)

Ouiz said...


You know me -- I'm going to look through EVERY SINGLE BOOK there. Every. One. They'll have to kick me out at closing time!

As for HGTV, well, this will be the first time I get to watch it WITHOUT being in a hospital room, so I'm sure I'll get to pay attention more!