Thursday, July 13, 2006

Beach trip photos

Before it gets too late, here are some of the pictures from our beach trip that I promised (for those who are interested).

We went down to the beach for an extended weekend and crammed a lot of activity in just a few short days. Of course, there was the ocean, with waves to conquer (Wook, Mommy! I'm being bwave!)...

...castles to build...

...sand to surf... (ouch)

... new adventures to try..

... sun to avoid as best as possible...

... and, of course, a view of the ocean for the first time for Marie.

The next day we celebrated Grandpa's birthday (and a great time was had by all!), and then we spent some time at the aquarium (a beach trip tradition). Christopher and Thomas thought the jelly fish tank was incredible.

Another beach visit, and then unfortunately our trip had to end. Many thanks to my husband's parents, who took us in and fed the teeming horde so graciously! We love you guys!

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