Saturday, June 10, 2006

He's just too cute!

These pictures don't do him justice, but Thomas was just sooo cute last night. He was wearing this turtle backpack (he was being a DRAGON, don't you know?) and running around the house pushing a stroller (no, it didn't make sense to me either)... but seeing him jog around the house, with his little curls flopping on his head and this huge turtle backpack bouncing along for the ride, gave me one of those "Mommy moments" -- when I recognize that I have been given this incredible gift.. this incredible moment of pure delight in my child's life... and I pause long enough to let it really sink in.

All too soon Thomas will be a gangly teenager who will have none of this.

But for right now, he's blissfully happy to wear a fuzzy turtle backpack and squeal with joy as he runs around the house.

And he's got a Mommy who took the time to notice.

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