Saturday, June 10, 2006

Everyday life around here

You know, I always take pictures of the "special moments," and fail to take pictures of what happens around here most often. Since I'd like to remember these days, may I present: "Everyday life Chez Ouiz"

This is usually the first thing my children do every day. They drag out the markers and paper and draw, draw, draw. I can't begin to say how many reams of paper, and how many hundreds of markers, we have gone through. Gotta love the creativity!

Did I say creativity? Sean swims in it. Literally. I get so frustrated with the mess, but he really does make new bionicle creatures every single day. Now, if I could only find a way for him to do this and not be so messy!!

What can I say? Her world right now consists of "tummy time" and "what can I chew on now?"

"Wook, Mommy! I'm being a Toa!"

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