Tuesday, November 13, 2012

This is what love looks like

Little Joseph has croup, and has been feeling horrible the past few days. When he woke up a few minutes ago, all he wanted was to "go ah-side and jump on da tram-pa-ween."

Look who took him out... all three of his older brothers... just because they love him.

I didn't have to beg, or cajole, and barter with any of them. Sean (the oldest) just took him out of my arms and said, "Come on, Joseph... let's go outside." And with a smile on his face, he and his other brothers went out, where they are now giving him the joy of jumping and playing.

I'm so proud of them all I actually have tears in my eyes as I post this.


Beth said...

So. Awesome.

Therese said...

It is such a great thing to see. I have tears in my eyes too from your post. My older girls always will take Joseph and play with him.

Ouiz said...

Thank you both so much for saying that! I was just so struck by the fact that they thought nothing of sacrificing what they wanted to do (which, believe me, was NOT jumping on the trampoline!) for their sick little brother who just wanted to be outside. After I posted this, I went back outside and found that they had moved him to the swingset, and were taking turns pushing him on the swing. That's what 15 yr old, and 10 and 9 yr old older brothers SHOULD do, and I just hope that Joseph will always know how much he is loved by his older siblings.

Mary De Voe said...

My pediatrician told me to keep moisture in the air and run the shower to immediately relieve the symptoms. Passing on good advice. Hope little one is feeling better.

Hope T. said...

What thoughtful, considerate boys! I can't imagine my older boys ever doing that for their little brother. You must have worked hard to create an atmosphere of loving care in your home. Thank you for sharing that.