Sunday, April 17, 2011

Weekend Wrap Up

I wasn't expecting to be able to blog much after Wednesday. My son Christopher had a birthday this weekend... AND we're still sick after what? Four weeks?... so I gave myself permission to not write anything until Sunday.

1. First, I want to wish my son a very, very happy birthday. I am so thankful for the nine years we have had with him, and I pray for 99 more! I love you, Christopher!

2. One of the presents he got for his birthday was a game called Zeus on the Loose. A simple game, for sure, but surprisingly addictive. It requires the ability to add and subtract quickly, and has the added bonus of reminding the kids who the "key players" were in Greek mythology.

Even my brother, who came to celebrate Christopher's birthday, managed to have fun with the game!

3. Speaking of said brother, he always manages to introduce me to something fun and different. This time, it was this video by Pogo, who made this video of his mother's garden (and, presumably, his mom) as a tribute to her. Enjoy!

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