Monday, January 24, 2011

Song for Monday: UPDATED

I heard this song while I was out shopping on Saturday, and it's been going through my mind ever since.

Looking at the comments below the video, however, was less than inspiring.

Amy Grant was the singer that I listened to most during my "angst-filled" teenage years, when I was trying to figure out Who God is, what He wanted from me, and where I was going. I spent hours in my room alone, listening to her songs and feeling like no one else understood what I was going through.

I can't say anything about her life over the past 10+ years or so. I know that everyone was quick to judge and radio stations were quick to yank all of her songs off the airwaves. I am reminded, however, of a story that I read recently. I don't remember who said it -- perhaps someone will recognize it and enlighten me -- but the gist of the story was that a woman went to a priest, crying out in great distress that her husband, who had not led a good life, had ended it in suicide. She was utterly distraught that his soul was in hell. This priest said something to the effect of, "it was 30 feet from that bridge to the water, and it is those 30 feet that forbid you to judge."

UPDATED: Jen from Conversion Diary was kind to remind me that the story came from here. What a powerful story!

I am so quick to judge, and more often than not I wind up being totally wrong. I have learned more from Anne Lamott (as much as I disagree with many of her beliefs) than I ever thought possible. It was through one of her books that the little lightbulb went off in my head and I realized that Jesus is so much bigger... and more merciful... than I had ever imagined before. Over and over again in St. Faustina's diary, Jesus says that we can't possibly "overestimate" His mercy.

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Jennifer @ Conversion Diary said...

GREAT point. And I think you're thinking of this post by Bethany Hudson.