Saturday, December 25, 2010

Unbelievable! A white Christmas!

Yes, as shocking as it may be, for the first time in 50 years (so the news reports say), my little corner of the world has experienced SNOW on Christmas. As soon as the first snowflakes started falling, my kids ran outside, desperately scrounging up what they could off the car to make a snowball.

How much snow has fallen so far? Let me look out the window...

I can't get a good picture of it to show you, but I'd say we've got about a half inch or so. It's still coming down in nice, big, fat flakes, but I can't see it accumulating several inches overnight.

This has NOT stopped my children, however, from dreaming of a full day tomorrow of sledding, igloos, and snowball fights. While I share the excitement of a day of snow, I have to admit I dread the thought of dragging every piece of "winter equipment" out and taking them to THE sledding hill that everyone goes to in town. My dh really doesn't enjoy the whole snow experience, so it's up to me to take them sledding every time it snows.

Unlike my childhood, which was filled with months of snow, we South Carolinians get MAYBE one day a year... or two if we're lucky... where we actually see snow. Sometimes, it sticks around long enough (that means a few hours) where we can actually go sledding.

As much as I dread the "inconvenience" of it all, I do hope that my children get a chance to experience the magic of snow during the Christmas season!

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