Friday, December 31, 2010

Celebrate small victories!

Continuing with the crafting theme of yesterday's post, I'd like to announce...

[drumroll, please]

I have actually scrapbooked four (count 'em, four) pages in our wedding album! Whoo hoo!

Yes, only 14 years overdue, I actually sat down, went through packages of pictures, got them in order, and managed to get four pages done!

Could this possibly mean that I might even get around to (gasp) scrapbooking the last several years of our family's life? I might even have something about Joseph's birth... or Grace's... or heck, even Marie's...

It was sweet, though, that my husband thanked me for doing all this. He has always been appreciative of the work I put into them, and the fact that I try to capture funny stories, how the kids used to say things, and just try to make a yearly story for my kids to enjoy. "If you didn't do this, all those pictures would remain in boxes, and we'd never see them."

I'm praying I can keep going, stay motivated, and get some albums done!


Suburban Cowgirl said...

Way to go Ouiz! You should feel proud of you! I'm proud of you! :)

Ouiz said...

Thank you! I saw pictures of you and your dh at our rehearsal dinner, and thought, we didn't know ANYTHING back then! If someone had told you you would be the mother of many, would it have surprised you? It would have blown me away if I had known I'd have eight.

I also found your Christmas picture after you had #1 -- so cute!