Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Since it's been awhile...

... I thought I should at least post some pictures. (I always love looking at pictures on blogs... don't you?)

Things are finally moving house-wise around here. We have wanted to rip up the carpet in the back of the house for YEARS, but were never in a position financially to do it. This weekend, the Lord provided us with some greatly reduced flooring, so off we went! As you can see, the troops were anxious to help!

And here's why -- the carpet was sooooo disgusting. We had good intentions when we first put it in 10 years ago, but soon realized that carpet and children just don't mix. I don't care how clean you are or how strictly you keep the "no food on the carpet" rule, it's just a bad, bad idea. After lifting up the carpet and removing the pad, this is how much dirt had made its way to the subflooring...

Ugh. I can't believe I'm embarrassing myself by posting this, but it will serve as a humble reminder the next time I get a wild idea to put carpeting down.

On to food now!

I have been dealing with a typical two-year old who insists on having the same thing for lunch every day... and then never eats it. Tired of fighting this battle with minimal success, I turned to a trick my mom used to use -- using food as art. Getting my sweet little girls to help, we made...

(if you can't tell) butterflies and flowers! (the olives are beetles that are crawling up the stems).

So far it's been pretty successful. Grace has eaten MUCH more than normal, which is such a blessing!

Of course, the other kids are loving the whole "food as art" concept as well, so lunchtime has become a bit more chaotic as everyone scrambles into the kitchen to whip up his latest masterpiece/lunch.

Reilly, for example, made a cat today (sorry... turn your head sideways...)

Kathryn made a caterpillar...

and Christopher made a mosquito ("Look, Mom! The grapes can be the blood!".... blech...)

I wish I could say I've been able to get much accomplished, but this little guy takes up every moment of the day.

Don't believe what my mom says about me! I'm not that difficult!

Still, this is a short season ("remember that, Ouiz.... remember that...") and we are blessed!


Beth said...

This is a great idea! I might have to use it for The Bud ;)

Oh and we're about to remove our carpet that I'm sure has been here since the house was built in 1968!!! How disgusting is THAT?

Mum2eight said...

Oh I hate hate hate carpet with a capital H!!!!!!!!!

Our new house has no carpet and I will never ever put it in a house that has children in it.

I hope you can post pictures of your new floor Ouiz.