Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Homeschooling? Already?

Yes, it appears that my "vacation" from homeschooling is drawing to a close. Whether I feel ready or not, I'm going to have to attempt to teach 6 kids while nursing a newborn and dealing with a 2-year old who wants to be part of the action.

Joseph, thankfully, is doing his part right now by SLEEPING (without my holding him! Rock on, little guy!) so that I can actually type out the weekly syllabus for each child. We are using the MODG syllabi for all grades this year, and I simply go through all the assignments for the week and type them up. Then I make two copies -- one for each child, and one for me. I put mine in my binder so that I can see what everyone is supposed to be doing, instead of having to flip through the MODG syllabus.

The real test comes on Monday, when my husband leaves for work in the morning and I am faced with tackling all the tasks for the day.

This will be when I will see if the direction we are taking this year makes it easier to keep going in spite of all the inevitable interruptions, or if this will be a bust. I think it will work out well, actually. Call me an optimist (no one who knows me would accuse me of that! *grin*), but I really feel good about it. I know it will be hard, but after seeing how eager the kids are to help out with their brother, I think I'll have some moments where I'm not holding him or nursing him.

Before he wakes up, I better get back to work...


Beth said...

So excited for you guys!!! I can't wait to hear more... you're a homeschooling Inspiration!

Ouiz said...

Thank you, Beth! I'm trying to stay hopeful yet realistic!