Saturday, May 15, 2010

Well, we made it!

It's been a long two weeks, but we made it through!

First, Christopher's First Holy Communion. I think I would cheapen it to say too much about it, so I'll simply say it was so beautiful, and thankfully my parents were able to come (Thank you, Mom and Dad!!!). Christopher told me after Mass, "Mommy, when I got back into my seat I was so happy I almost started crying." Always stay close to Jesus, sweetheart! I love you!

Secondly, we finally finished up homeschooling for the year. Seriously, I think I was so much more excited about ending our semester than they were! (tough to do, since they were pretty thrilled, themselves!) Although I have to admit, I'm already jumping into "planning for next year" mode. I have to be... we'll be starting just about the time I give birth to this little guy, so I better have everything ready to go!

Third, today's my birthday! Whoo hoo! Happy birthday to me! My family gave me a TERRIFIC birthday -- a morning in the chapel, time alone at a bookstore, a homemade cake, lots of great books, a video I've wanted, some jewelry, great homemade presents, and a cook-free evening. Plus I've had many phone calls from friends wishing me a happy birthday. Does it get much better than that?


Beth said...

Congratulations Christopher!! How wonderful ;)

Ouiz, how about a trip to Indiana in August again? That baby will travel well ;)

Betty Beguiles said...

Happy birthday, pretty lady, and many congratulations to your handsome son!

Kimberlee said...

Happpy Birthday! Yes, you look fabulous! And congratulations to that beaming boy as well.

Cydney said...

Happy (belated now) Birthday, Ouiz!

My congratulations to your son and congrats to you all for finishing another year of school!

matthew archbold said...

Happy belated birthday. My daughter just received first Holy Communion. It's so beautiful and they seem to take it so much more seriously than so many others.