Sunday, April 18, 2010

Our week in review (the photo edition)

Once again, the week zoomed by me without a chance to REALLY sit down and post. So, to make up for it, I am offering our week in review (the photo edition).

On Tuesday we had the chance to go to the zoo with some of our fellow homeschoolers...

(Some of the dear friends who keep me sane! And no, I'm not really that short... I'm crouching down!)

Ah, the sweet innocence on these little faces. Hard to believe Grace (on the left) had eaten a LIGHTBULB only the day before! (I kid you not. She chomped down on glass and swallowed it. I told her she would live to see her third birthday only through the grace of God and the faithful eyes of her sister Marie, who comes up and tells me whenever Grace is getting into trouble. Oh well, like mother, like daughter... I ate a Christmas tree ball when I was younger -- although in my defense, it was on a gumdrop tree that my aunt just happened to put real glass balls on. How was I to know???)

Christopher turned 8 this week (and what better present to get a kid who's been studying Egypt for months than a Playmobil pharaoh? I think Kathryn picked out a GREAT present for him!)

In the home improvement category, look at what my dh has been working on this weekend -- a rock wall!

Reilly faithfully worked with him EVERY step of the way, so I would be completely remiss if I didn't post her picture! Way to go, sweetheart!

And finally, some women go clothes shopping, and some (like me) go BOOK SHOPPING! Here was my latest haul from our used book store in town. I was so excited to get the Flower Fairies book for my little girls, The Moral Compass for my younger boys (we use The Book of Virtues often in their homeschooling), the Sir Cumference books for all of my kids, and the Language Police and The Life you Save May Be Your Own for me.


Amber said...

Wow, they make Egyptian playmobil??? Way cool!! We've been studying Ancient Egypt too and I think a set of those may be in order soon. How fun!

And I'm with you on the book shopping. :-)

Great pictures, thanks for sharing them! (and a lightbulb??? yikes! And I think it is bad that my youngest keeps trying to eat all the erasers off the pencils...)

Ouiz said...

Hey Amber!

Yes, they make a few different kinds of Egyptian playmobil sets... and Roman, too. Gotta love playmobil!

I could NOT believe that Grace ate a lightbulb. Seriously, what mom has to come out and say, "eating broken glass is dangerous. Don't do it!" I really think that should be a no-brainer... And yeah, she eats pencil erasers, too!