Saturday, January 09, 2010

Surreal is...

... checking in on one of your favorite blogs, seeing a posting on "Just an Adorable Baby Video" , and reading it thinking, "Wow... this sounds familiar..." only to realize a second later that it was my video of Grace!

Well, I'm deeply honored that someone else enjoyed the video! Thank you!

Of course, Grace enjoyed seeing herself on the computer, too. She hopped up on my lap and started singing right along with it. I don't think that song is going to disappear from her repetoire anytime soon...

And, true to form, she was down to just her diaper (the child is sooooooooooo hard to keep dressed!) and covered in red marker. After she sang for me (and gave me her big grin... see the snow picture below to get an idea of what that looks like) I thanked her and then asked her in my stern Mommy voice, "ahem... and why are you covered in marker again?" She looked thoughtful for a moment... "um..." and then looked totally puzzled, "I weewy don't know why."

Ah, life with Grace.

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