Thursday, January 07, 2010

My Littlest One...

Who takes my new sharpie marker and colors the wall with it? (Thank God for magic erasers!)

Who clogs the sink with toilet paper?

Who helps herself to chips whenever I turn my back?

Who took her play kitchen "knife" today and helped herself to mouthful after mouthful of peanut butter? (there goes that jar... blech...)

Who just opened the refrigerator door, poured straight lemon juice into her cup, and came in here exclaiming, "Mommy, I don't yike dis yemonade"?

And who just fell asleep in my arms after looking at me and saying, "Mommy, I haffa go aseep. It's time o'clock..."

Who exasperates the heck out of me and is my most challenging child so far?

This sweet, lovable little kid. (She sang this song for us ALL through dinner this evening. She heard it ONCE when we were down in Florida and she got to watch the Disney channel, and lo and behold, it stuck!)

I love you, Grace, and I'm thankful for every moment with you!


Malia said...

Ah, Ouiz, she's so cute! And she's still cute when she's living up to her moniker of "fuss-face"!

And I SO GLAD she chose that song to fixate on and not "It's a Small World".... :-)

Rachel said...

Oh goodness! She sounds like my "Trouble" who is also a Grace! Of course, mine isn't getting into nearly as much trouble as she's only 8 months old. I have a feeling my Grace would look up to yours though!

PvB said...

My two youngest star in a video at under 'movies' called 'Heaven and Nature Sing'! I think everyone would enjoy the spontaneous joy expressed by whacking dandelions in the warm sunshine after a cold, long winter.

Ouiz said...

Malia, now *I* can't get that song out of my head! Thanks! *grin*

Rachel, isn't 8 months a fun age? I truly hope your Grace doesn't get into nearly as much mischief as mine does!!! (shouldn't God make the 7th kid a "freebie"? Shouldn't we get some sort of free pass on troublemakers? sigh... I guess not...)