Saturday, December 05, 2009

Can I brag on my husband a minute?

'Cause seriously, I need to.

This man deserves SERIOUS accolades.

Remember how we've been doing that whole "keeping the Sabbath day holy" thing by getting all our work done on Saturday? And how Saturday has turned into a somewhat frantic dash at times to get all the stuff done (so I won't go nuts on Sunday seeing all of it still lying around)?

Yeah, well, today I wasn't here.

Christopher had his First Confession today (yeah! More on that in a minute) and some of my kids are still sick, so I got to be the "take him" parent while dh got to be the "stay home with the sick ones" parent. Afterwards we made a quick trip to one of the grocery stores I usually go to each week, went home for a quick lunch, and then I went back out again to do Christmas shopping/more grocery shopping.

I was gone from 9:30 am to 6:00 pm.

My husband had said that he would have everyone clean up while I was gone, but I had NO IDEA he had this kind of cleaning in mind.

My house looks BEAUTIFUL! The kitchen is gorgeous, the bathrooms are spotless, the kids' rooms are amazing, and ALL of the laundry is finished. He rearranged bookshelves, went through I don't know how many loads of dishes (we were out of dish soap this morning, so there was quite the backlog...), and even (get this) pulled the TV out of the cabinet and vacuumed back there... oh! and went couch diving, and cleared out everything that had fallen into the actual body of the couch (you know, when you have to dig waaaaay down into the sides of the couch to pull stuff out? Yeah, that's what he did)

Can you believe it?

I told my family over and over again how amazed I was at the FANTASTIC job they did, and further commended him for getting so much done while I was gone. *I* am the one who will have a problem settling down tomorrow if the house is not clean, not him -- and yet look at all he did -- for me... for our family -- just so that we could truly enjoy tomorrow. Furthermore, he showed the kids by his actions that Sunday is important enough to prepare for.

My husband is amazing, and I thank you for allowing me this few minutes to brag on him, because he truly deserves it.

[*note on Christopher's First Confession: After it was over, I asked him how he felt, and he exclaimed, "I feel like I just took a shower on the inside!"]

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Barbara said...

I, too, am blessed with a fantastic husband! He is our leader but also a team player, sharing or taking on many tasks that other wives have all to themselves, including teaching some of our school.

When people ask how I "do so much" (Ha! I never think I'm doing so great, but that's my problem...), my favorite response is, "By the grace of God, and I have a good husband."