Monday, October 19, 2009

St. Isaac Jogues and St. Jean de Brebeuf

Today is the feast day of St. Isaac and St. Jean, two amazing Jesuit priests who faced terrible hardship and ultimately gave their lives while witnessing to the Hurons in the 1600s. You can learn more about them at Catholic Culture.

We had read this book (and I read this one) last year as we were studying this time period in American history, so hopefully the kids will remember enough about these amazing saints to have a decent conversation during homeschooling this morning!

In honor of their feast day, I made Indian fry bread for breakfast (I had to take this picture FAST before the kids inhaled them all! Put a little bit of powdered sugar on these and they taste like doughnuts...)

We will also be listening to the Huron Carol this morning. This is a Christmas carol written by St. Jean de Brebeuf in the Huron (Wendot) language in 1643. If you EVER get a chance to listen to Bruce Cockburn's version of it, I highly recommend you do so! It is a haunting melody and I think it's just beautiful. In the meantime, here is another beautiful rendition of it in Huron, French, and English by Heather Dale.

However you choose to honor these saints, I hope you have a blessed feast day!

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Reese said...

Hey Ouiz! You have wonderful ideas for bringing the faith alive for your family. Thank you so much for sharing with us!