Sunday, August 23, 2009

We're Back!!!

Thank you, one and all, for your prayers. We are FINALLY back from our trip. It was long... it was exhausting... and we had a lot of fun.

The bad part was I had NO INTERNET ACCESS the entire time I was gone! Can you believe it? No email... no blogging... no checking out what's going on... it was kinda spooky in a way, being suddenly cut off from the blogging world!

Well, not COMPLETELY cut off... because one of the highlights of our trip was that I finally got to meet Beth (and Ken, and Madeleine, and John Paul) from Beautiful Day!

Yes, she is every bit as sweet as you would imagine her to be, and wonderfully gracious to boot. After 11 long hours in the car, we were looking pretty rough and travel weary. She and her husband welcomed us in, provided drinks (thank you!) and bathroom facilities (THANK YOU!) and gave the younger kids a chance to play with a new friend, and the older kids a much needed run outside.

Madeleine was a very gracious hostess as well. Not many little kids would accept a whole horde of new kids coming in to play with their toys, but she shared like a trooper! Marie and Grace thought she was great, and Thomas asked if we were going to visit them again!

Unfortunately, we didn't leave my parent's house as early as we had planned to, so a stop on the way back just wasn't do-able. True to form, our morning was spent repacking... looking for toys... trying to cram in all the last minute things we forgot to do... taking pictures... one last hug and kiss...

sigh. Leaving family is so hard to do!

Anyway, before I get back to planning, I wanted to thank you for your prayers and to thank Beth and her family for such a wonderful visit! I'm so sorry it had to be so short!

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Beth said...

We had a great time and loved meeting all of you! I'm SO glad you guys got to stop by - you are welcome anytime!!