Monday, June 01, 2009

Baby Faith

It was with great sadness that I learned over the weekend that baby Faith had passed away. I wish I could have the opportunity to talk to Myah (her mother) and tell her how much I admire her --

... not because she carried her daughter to term in spite of the world telling her to abort her child (although that must have been so incredibly difficult to go through the emotions of pregnancy, with the added burden of knowing the tragic outcome)

... not because she took care of her child (which took up every moment of her day, I'm sure)

... but because she didn't hold back on the one thing that Faith needed more than anything -- a Mommy who would snuggle with her, give her kisses, and love her passionately. Too many (me included) would be tempted to back off emotionally, knowing that the loss would be too devastating to bear if one got "too close."

Myah didn't do that.

Faith has a Mommy who spent every second cherishing her, giggling over her coos and funny faces, covering her with kisses, and loving her as if she had all the time in the world.

I know Faith is now whole, and I know that she is so incredibly proud of her Mommy. Please keep Myah in your prayers as she deals with this painful loss. May Jesus hold her close, and may her every thought of her daughter bring her only joy as she waits for the day until she can see her again.

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Malia said...

I doubt whether any baby in the world was loved more than that little girl. May God greatly comfort Myah and her mother.