Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Review: The Great Adventure Kids Pack

I was so excited when the Catholic Company offered this up for review -- the Great Adventure Kids Pack. I had heard many good things about the Great Adventure Bible series, although I have never had a chance to look at it myself.

If this is any indication of what the rest of the series is like, I am truly impressed.

As you already know, reading the Bible from Genesis to Revelation can be a confusing experience, since the books are not placed in chronological order. The purpose of this entire system is to alleviate some of that confusion by presenting salvation history in chronological order, broken up into twelve different time periods, from Early world and the patriarchs to Messianic fulfillment and The Church. Each time period is marked with a color (for memory retention), a graphic, and the appropriate Bible verses. By learning Bible history in this way, the reader can have a much better picture of how God has been leading His people all along, through historical events and the covenants He established with His children.

This pack contains a Bible timeline chart, a "Let's Journey Through the Bible" coloring book, a card game, a bookmark (with timeline references), and a set of prayer beads.

While I believe it would be possible for parents to use this pack alone to teach their children (provided they were willing to do extra research to flesh out the explanations a bit), I'm sure having the Great Adventure Adult study would aid the parents greatly in teaching this material. That being said, I still hope to use this Kids' pack in our world history study next year as a wonderful added resource.


Amber said...

Thanks for your review! I had seen this resource come up on a list a couple months ago and I didn't really understand what it was. It looks interesting though, and I think it could be useful in conjunction with something else. Now I just have to figure out what that something else might be... *grin*

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