Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Where did the last week go???

I've been so busy checking out other people's blogs, I forgot to tend to my own! Oops!

Several people have asked me to post a picture of me in "the dress" -- that is, the ugly, bleached-stained dress that my children somehow happen to think is so beautiful on me.

(Un) fortunately for me, everyone is asleep right now (and I believe the dress is at the bottom of the hamper), so getting my picture taken in the dress is out of the question. My pride can remain intact for a little while longer! *grin*

HOWEVER, I do have a picture -- taken several years ago -- of us at the local berry farm, in a dress made from the same pattern. The only difference is the lack of pockets, which made my hips look oh-so-much better! I'm afraid you'll just have to picture this dress in cranberry with white polka dots for now...


(don't you just love the fact that my friend's children were told to "duck down" so the picture could be taken? I think that's so cute...)

Hope you're not too disappointed, but it's all I could give you for tonight!


Aussie Therese said...

That dress looks great. I bet the other one does too.

I have a shirt that I really don't like much but my husband and children all tell me it looks great on me. Since they all agree, I wear it for them too.

Lerin said...

That was a really cute story, about the dress! :)

Ouiz said...

Thank you, Lerin!

Therese, I've got a couple of outfits like that. I think they look HORRIBLE, but my husband likes them... so, every now and then you have to do that "sacrificial thing" and wear it for a day, right?