Tuesday, January 27, 2009

March for Life

There is a wonderful slideshow of the March for Life in Washington DC.

I wish I could have been there.

Watching Barbara's slideshow, I couldn't help but thank the Lord for each face I saw -- smiling faces, braving the cold weather, all wanting to make sure that those in Congress saw them. They were there to pray, to be seen, and to be counted among those who do not agree with the slaughtering of millions of unborn children.

I also saw, with great rejoicing, the great numbers of Catholics present -- parishes, Rosary groups, seminarians, priests leading their parishes, sisters, Catholic university students, high school students, etc. Not to discredit ANY group that marched, of course, but it thrilled my heart to see so many Catholics... since it was a huge group of Catholics, unfortunately, who voted for Obama... and it is a huge group of Catholics in his cabinet and in Congress who somehow excuse away their consciences and vote for abortion time and time again.

Because of that sad fact, it was so encouraging for me to see so many everyday, rank and file Catholics who remain faithful... to see so many who say NO to the cafeteria mentality... to see the next wave of young priests stand strong... and to see that the vast majority of the crowd was my age or younger.

May God hear the faithful prayers of His people, and end abortion in this nation!

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