Saturday, January 10, 2009

Friends don't let friends....

... cook with pans like these.

So my dear friend Malia rushed to my rescue, sacrificing her "happy points" from Bloom so I could have NEW pans to use.

New pans, people!

No more teflon flakes in our food!
No more trying to chisel out the scrambled eggs from the pan!

Who ever heard of such a marvel?


(seriously... she gave up getting a roasting pan that she had been eyeing simply because, in her own words, "I already have some decent cookware... but face it, Ouiz, yours is horrible.")


Clair Bannerman said...

Those are beautiful pans!! True friends are the ones who can see your pots, love you anyways, and help you get new ones ;-)

Malia said...

Okay, Ouiz, will you agree with me that even though they're not books, a nice piece of cookware has an inherent beauty; the cleanness of line and curve, the sheen of new metal, the pristine finish of unscratched teflon... almost, almost an object d'art (especially with the matching lid)? Well, okay, I guess that's just me, but I'm glad you got them, just the same. Love ya!

Ouiz said...

They are beautiful and I love them, but still... I can't curl up on the couch with them (well, I could, but it would look a bit odd).

SuzanneG said...

LOL....."Even though they're not books." She knows you WELL, doesn't she????

Hip Hip Hooray!!!!!