Saturday, October 04, 2008

Savings alert!

KMart is doing DOUBLE COUPONS UP TO $2!!! The sale ends tomorrow, from what I've heard.

Make sure to CALL your KMart before you go, to make sure they are doing it (it's supposed to be nationwide).

When you are ready to check out, TELL THE CASHIER that you are doing double coupons. Chances are, the cashier doesn't know about the sale (it was unadvertised in many places). My cashier had no idea, but the customer service person did, and she helped the cashier figure out how to do double coupons.

EXPECT to be there awhile. There were several phone calls and attempts to get the cash register to do what it was supposed to do before I got out of there.

My savings: I saved $86 in coupons.
My friend Julie: saved $101 in coupons.


Beth said...

WOW! Too bad we don't have a Kmart around here! Madeleine was just looking at your blog with me and she said "Mary!" and "Baby Jesus!"

Ouiz said...

I'm not usually a KMart shopper, but this was just way too good a deal to pass up!

Tell Madeleine the lady on the computer says "hi!"