Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Fasting and the election

I am so proud of my kids.

Like just about every other family in America, I have been talking to my kids about the upcoming election -- not in gory terms, but in ways they can understand about how important this election is, and what's at stake.

They are taking this very seriously.

I explained to them that all over this country, Christians are continuing to pray and fast for the election. Without missing a beat, they all started shouting out things that they could abstain from, as an added sacrifice to the Lord.

And they've done it.



I did NOT have this sort of attitude towards fasting when I was younger!

I am so proud of them because they were so quick to give up on what they enjoyed the most. They have acknowledged the difficulty involved, but they understand that it's not much of a sacrifice if it costs them nothing.

The thing that shocks me the most, however, is MY reaction to it all. I find myself wanting to temper their sacrifices (and no, they aren't earth-shaking) and give them a "free pass" every now and then. I find myself tempted to jump in, Mommy-style, and make everything nice and easy for them.

What is my problem? That won't be doing them ANY favors!

It's hard to sit back and watch the Lord teach my children something without my interference. While He's given them to me to raise -- and, humanly speaking, they are "mine," -- they belong to Him. They have to learn sacrifice, self-control, humility, and a whole host of other things, just like I have to. They have to learn to control their impulses, their desire to be controlled by wants, and take mastery over them.

They have to learn that following Jesus is often not easy or "fun."

And I am having to learn that, while my input is often needed in their lives right now, they ultimately answer to God Himself, and I am not part of that equation.

So I am proud of my kids, and I'm awed as I'm watching them start learning the same lessons that all of us must learn.


Beth said...

Wow Ouiz, I'm so proud of them too! I hope my kids turn out like that :)

You know I was thinking - I think for SURE the people on "our side" are praying, fasting, and storming the heavens a lot more than people on the "other side...." Lord, hear our prayer!!

Kimberlee said...

Think is an inspiring post and I linked to it in my most recent election post. The enthusiasm of children on fire for what is right is wonderful to behold!

Ouiz said...

Thank you both for commenting!

Beth, it has crossed my mind as well that the "other side" most probably isn't fasting and praying for this election... I don't know, maybe they are... but it would seem unlikely to me.

Kimberlee -- I wish I could read your post!

You're right, though, about the beauty and joy of watching children who are fire for what's good! They oftentimes can see things so clearly what we adults tend to muddy up...

Jodi said...