Sunday, September 28, 2008

Feast of the Archangels

What a fun feast day this is! The Feast of the Archangels! (you can read about it more from Catholic Culture) Thanks to the women on 4RealLearning, we have had the custom (several years running now) of baking a devil's food cake and stabbing it with our plastic (hors-d'oeuvre) swords... in honor of St. Michael, of course.

(picture taken last year)

And here, just because it's fun, is a picture (also from last year) of Christopher and Thomas in their All Saints' Day costumes...

However you choose to celebrate today, I hope your Feast Day is wonderful!


MaryM said...

They certainly look like they are having fun. Thanks for participating in the fair!

Jessica said...

Thank you for participating in the fair!

We too had a blast stabbing Devil's food cupcakes :)

You have a lovely blog, and darling family! God Bless!