Sunday, August 03, 2008

An extra jolt of grace

Subtitled: Ouiz grows up just a little bit.

I have very strong opinions about a lot of things, as those who know me well can attest. I could give you example after example, but for now I'll stick with just this one: what my family should and should not do when I am working.

If I am, say, cooking supper, the proper response (in my mind) is to offer to help. A simple "Can I help you with something?" would suffice. Most likely, I won't need help and I will thank the person and let them go on their merry way, but the point is this: help was offered.

What I do NOT appreciate is someone watching me work while they are parked in a chair, relaxing and taking it easy while I am bustling around doing all that needs to be done. This will set me off in a BIG way, because I will feel like a maid.

Trust me. It's not pretty.

I either stay silent and shoot off evil vibes towards everyone, or I get snappy and sarcastic.

Not my best moments, for sure.

So it was with a great deal of awe and fascination (on my part) that I could see God showering me with grace today.

I was bustling around cooking supper, setting the table, and dealing with two children in the bath while my husband and daughter were at the kitchen table, playing Pokemon.

Like I said, this is normally a recipe for disaster.

HOWEVER, before I fell into my normal response mode, I was aware of the fact that (a) I was being showered with grace so I didn't flair up in anger and (b) I was given a moment to see... really SEE... what was going on.

My husband took the time to get the kids excited about this game. He took them to the store, helped them pick out cards, learned how to play it, taught it to them, and schedules time during the week to play with each of them individually.

My husband, you see, is the one who excels at playing with the kids.

Legos? He builds fantastic robots, spaceships, and even made a whole carnival once.

Little People? He comes up with great names for them (Tiny-thy, Diminuon, Haggis, etc) and stories that last for days.

My Little Pony? Sad to say, but HE knew the names of all of them. I didn't.

Bionicles? He learned the names, powers, and storylines of every single one. He will schedule weekend "building marathons" where all the kids will sit on the floor in a sea of little pieces and create amazing creatures that will decorate the house for days.

So as I was bustling around, I was made aware of the fact that my husband wasn't sitting down doing nothing... he was doing something just as important as I was.

My kids will not remember if the dinner on Sunday was served a little bit later than usual because I had to do so much to get it all ready; what they will remember, however, is the wonderful memories of playing with Daddy.

It was with that realization (by God's grace) that I was able to sincerely thank him for sitting at the table and playing with them.

I'd like to think I grew up... at least a little bit.


Amy said...

I could use a jolt of that grace, LOL. I have a big problem with that too. God bless you for being open to His grace and realizing what was really going on!

Beth said...

What a great post, Ouiz!

Mary-Catherine said...

Congrats! You have a good head on your shoulders and a with-it husband. Everybody wins this way!

~m2~ said...

thank you for taking a moment to say something kind and encouraging on my blog. i really appreciate it!

(i love this post -- it is so true, and you are blessed to have such a complementary man helping you raise your children :)

SuzanneG said...

HAHAHA! Sounds like me too. Good job!
And, I LOVE that dh knows the name of the ponies before you....that happened in our house too.