Thursday, July 24, 2008

Will resume blogging soon

...that is, once Grace gets over whatever disease she has.

It's just a virus, but one that causes her fever to shoot up to ONE HUNDRED AND FOUR degrees in the middle of the night (dear God!)

I've already taken her to the doctor to run through the usual suspects... it's not strep, and not an ear infection.

She's getting better, but I've spent the last (how many days now?) with a very sick little girl draped over my shoulder. I have homeschooled while holding her... cooked supper... cleared the dishwasher... gotten the mail... gone to the bathroom (oh my!)... gotten dressed...

You get the point. I basically have not put her down for over four days. (you may be asking, where is her dh in all of this? Unfortunately, he's pulled some muscle in his back, and is unable to carry her for long without major pain. I think he picked a lousy time to do this, but he didn't ask me in advance *grin*)

So I will take advance of this brief rest period and soak in a nice, hot bath.


Kathryn said...

Oh, I hope she feels better soon...and the you don't pull any muscles with all that holding!

Mary-Catherine said...

Oh my. Don't be surprised if her fever breaks after 4 days and she breaks out into a small red-dot rash. It sounds like roseola to me. Only babies 15 mo and younger contract it and its biggest feature is that crazy fever. It is difficult to go through but not serious and you kinda hafta just wait it out. Anyway, thats my guess. Many of my babies have gone through it. Whatever it is, she's strengthening her immune system! Keep us posted.

Ouiz said...

Kathryn -- my back is still holding out, thank God! *grin*

Mary-Catherine -- you win the prize! She did, in fact, break out with a rash this morning. She is miserable! It's obviously incredibly itchy for her, because she is trying her best to scratch her face and head. Poor baby...

I put her in a nice oatmeal bath this afternoon, and took a cool cloth and gently massaged/scratched her face and neck, and she practically purred and her eyes rolled back in sheer bliss.

Hopefully she'll be back to full chatterbox/monkey status soon! The kids and I miss her terribly!!!

Mary-Catherine said...

I am actually not Mary-Catherine. She is my daughter. I am just using her google account for commenting. My real name is Helene. I had a feeling it was roseola! Whenever I hear about a way-high fever lasting for days, I think roseola. You can take comfort in knowing its not likely that any of the other kids will come down with it. Its one of those baby illnesses..........So nice to "meet" you! I read and love your blog, think you are famously funny and like to imagine we would get along swimmingly in real life! I have nine bunchkins ranging from 4 mo. to 14 years. I am "older" sister to Danielle Bean and Suzanne Temple.

Ouiz said...

Helene, it's a pleasure to "meet" you as well! (oh, for the chance to actually meet fellow bloggers in real life!)

Your sister (Danielle) was in my neck of the woods last year during her SC stop (in fact, she was only minutes away! oh well....)

And you are right -- none of my other children got it!

Surprisingly, I have 7 children, and have never encountered roseola before (to my knowledge). How I escaped it before is beyond me!

Thanks for stopping by and for the encouraging comments!!!!

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